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More than 40 years ago, Mr. Prawat Techamahaphant, a highly committed person at the age of 57, made a pledge to make the dreams of getting access to high quality building and construction products become a reality. So began the very strong pace of the brand “SHERA”. This was the starting point of our “Fibre Composite solutions” (FCS) technology and its dynamic, non-stop development ever since.

In 1974, The Thai Olympic Fibre-Cement Co., Ltd., was founded with the aim of producing fibre cement roofing under the brand “Ha Huang” (meaning ‘five circles’ in Thai), which served as the solid foundation and the source for nurturing the commitment, inspiration and skills among staff from generation to generation. These efforts contributed to making the dreams of Thai people come true.

The last 40 years of commitment has seen significant growth. The company has expanded to a number of plants serving Thailand and the Asian region and it has taken part in ensuring growing quality of life not only for Thai society but also for the region.

The company has grown significant under the brand “SHERA”, which is not limited only to roofing but has extended its range to fiber cement materials for walling, ceiling, flooring and furniture.

Vision & Mission

“Vision without mission is a daydream” We are well aware that a good vision cannot be brought about unless there is input towards achieving the objectives from a variety of sources; this can be the form of creativity from people inside and outside the organization, as well as business partners.

Therefore we have utilized our considerable expertise in creating a number of benefits for consumers, our partners and society. That is, “we have introduced SHERA FCS (Fibre Composite Solution) technology that as a solution to the demand for efficient yet modern construction of all types of buildings, especially the residential sector.” “We will continue our commitment to upgrading standards in a sustainable manner for people around the globe.”

Technology and Infrastructure

We have invested extensively in a superb IT infrastructure to facilitate efficient construction materials manufacturing process, incorporating purchasing and logistics.

We have more than 1 million tons of production capacity under our SHERA FCS technology to fulfill the needs of our consumers. Our manufacturing process employs the latest state-of-the-art technology and our fibre cement building materials meet international standards and are available in a diverse range of styles.
Our production techniques vary depending on the products being manufactured and our processes are staffed all the way experts throughout.